How to Cut a Circle With a Jigsaw

On the market today, there are many different types of saws with different colors, features, and sizes that are suitable for each specific task. For example,  if you want a simple straight cut, almost all types of saws can accomplish that task well. However, if you want to cut a circle or semicircle, you can only cut with a few certain tools. In particular, the tool that can help you complete this best cutting project is a jigsaw.

Jigsaw is a small but powerful tool that professional carpenters use to cut and shape different materials. And cutting a circle is one of the simple tasks when you apply a jigsaw.

In today’s article, I will show you how to cut a circle using the best jigsaw for those people who are just beginning to use the jigsaw to cut it perfectly. Now, are you curious about the process of cutting a circle? I am not making you wait any longer. Let’s find out now.

Before cutting

Blade: The first problem that you need to consider is the tool’s blade. Because this is the most important part that determines the quality of the cuts on the material. Therefore, to be able to complete the circle cut, experts recommend that you use a scrolling jigsaw blade. This type of blade is best suited for this job because the other types of blades are quite hard and have solid teeth that can make the circle created not perfect as you want.

 Outline shape: The outline of what you want to cut on the surface of the material is a very necessary step and even professional woodcutters mustn’t skip this step.


You need to prepare a pencil and a ruler to sketch on the surface of the board to your desired size. If you are a beginner or don’t know how to use a scale, the best and most effective way is to use a circular object such as a bowl, a plate, or even a compass to create a great circle.

A guide: If you are planning on making multiple circles, you should use one more guide in cutting. A Guide can give you the best and most accurate results. So, Let’s get it now if you need it.

How to cut an internal circle


Step 1: Prepare the material you want to cut specifically the wood. Next, as I said above, you have to use a compass or a circular object to mark the shape on the surface of the board by using a pencil. You have to remember that the part we want to remove is inside the circle.

 Step two: Check the saw blade for squareness before cutting. By the way, you take a speed square and check if the blade is straight down and square with the shoe or not. If the blade is bent, you will not be able to cut any shape. So you need to replace the blade now.

Step three: Start the cutting process by cutting from the outer edge of the marked position. However, many people find that using a drill to make a hole in a material is much more efficient. Note that you need to make sure to use a drill big enough to make a hole that your jigsaw blade can fit.

Step four: now it’s time to cut free lines. And you need to make sure that the shoes are fully in contact with the surface of the material and focus on cutting in the marked lines.

 Step five: Continue to bring the blade up and down to cut the circle completely. Finally, you can use sanding paper or sanding devices if available to smooth the surface of the material after cutting.

How to Cut Out Circles With a Jigsaw


In some projects, you need a round wooden board rather than a circular hole. The steps for cutting are similar to cutting circular holes. However, You will remove the outer part and keep the inside instead.

First, you need to outline a circle on the board. Then, put the saw blade near the wooden board and start to cut by using the jigsaw. You need to move the saws up and down regularly and carefully to make the cuts soft and flat.

Also, if you want to cut a small circle with a jigsaw, you can do that too. But the cutting process will take a bit of your effort. First, you have to cut the excess wood straight around the circle you want to cut. After cutting down the excess wood, your jigsaw will easily cut to the desired size. Finally, sand the circular surface if you want it to look better.

In conclusion

I have shown you in detail how to cut a circle using jigsaws. You see that the ways to cut very simple and easy, right? Now, if you want to cut a circular shape or a circle hole. Please try to follow the steps I gave above right away.

Finally, I hope that the information I have provided will be useful to you. Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Have a nice day.

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